Conservatory Styles

Edwardian Style 

The Edwardian type conservatories are styled where the roof is pitched and normally consists of three sections with an incline upwards from the exterior edge of the room to adjoin into the centre ridge style.

Victorian Style 

The Victorian conservatory is a period style design, this is the style that is most sought after of all of conservatories, as its designed to suit all different types of houses from old to new build homes.  A most typical example of these would have a bay styled front appearance with three or five sides with a con-caved cast roof and elegant designed ridge-line on top to give a superior finish. 

 Lean-To Style 

The Lean-To conservatories are often referred to as a garden room or even a sunroom as they convey the radiance of the outdoors in, encasing in the winter sunlight and transforming it to produce heat.  The Lean-To design is simple but elegant giving you upmost in spacious room with contemporary style.

Gable End Style

The Gable End styled conservatory produces a real air of magnificence to your home.  The Gable End design multiplies the light which shines upon the room, whilst the sheer superb height of the conservatory provides the room with enhancement of that spacious feeling!

 Double Hipped Style 

The Double-Hipped style conservatory is the quintessential composition in design whilst accomplishing a seamless well suited fit within the home.  The Double Hip conservatory as its known connotation, is the pitched roof style which is present on both sides of the conservatory design rather than retaining that of a flat face interfacing to you home wall.

 Combination Style 

The Combination styled conservatory is designed so that it complements your home transporting the outside within.  The Combination conservatory is an amalgamation of contemporary along with more classic designs.  This is often know as a 'P' Shape design, as its all round architecture provides its exclusive style and outline that composes contrasting difference from all other rooms within your home.

Conservatory Decor Range

Conservatory Decor Range

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