Solid Roof Design

Cesuis Solid Roof-Warmcore Fixed Roof Light

The Warmcore Solid Roof is a composition to conserve your room heated within the winter months and air conditioned in the summer.   This is a sleek high-class choice to that of glass, with the highest quality guaranteed to construct an absolutely glowing composition in roof selection.

  • Custom constructed to accommodate measurement requirements.

  • Tiles come in Terracotta, Black and also Brown.

  • Available in four roof designs Victorian, Gable, Lean-To and Georgian.

  • Warmcore fixed roof light emits over 41% more light than that of similar sized roof fixing.

  • Weatherproof and provides essential rainwater drainage.

  • Exquisite roof interior which incorporates plasterboard to provide a clean achievement in a choice of orangery design perimeter shelf soffits with down lighting or ridge apex.

  • Fixed roof light available in Anchorite Grey or White.



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